TYL is a Trumbull based volunteer, not-for-profit organization!

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Below are listed area teams and camps with links to their websites.  Please note that TYL does not endorse nor promote any one particular club over another.  We provide these listings only as a courtesy to our members.  Your best advice in deciding on a program is word of mouth from the Trumbull parents already participating in a program.  

If you would like your area team or camp listed above, please contact TYL at

Boys Club Teams:

Barracuda Lacrosse Clubhttp://www.barracudalax.com/

Bucks Lacrossehttp://www.soundlacrossecamps.com

Bulldog Lacrosse Clubhttp://www.bulldoglacrosseclub.com/

CT Chargers Lacrossehttp://ctchargers.com/

CT Stars Lacrossehttp://www.ctstarslax.com/

CT Whalershttp://www.ctlacrosseclub.com/

Paragon Lacrossehttp://www.paragonlacrosse.com/

Team 203- http://www.team203lacrosse.com/

Unparalleled Lacrossehttp://www.unparalleledlacrosse.com/

Girl's Club Teams:

CT Chargers Lacrossehttp://ctchargers.com/

CT Grizzlies -  http://ctgrizzlies.com/

CT Dodgers- http://www.ctdodgers.com


Noreaster Lacrosse- http://noreasterlacrosse.com/Noreaster/

Yellow Jackets North http://jackyellowjacketsnor.wix.com/yjnorth